If you’re a doctor in a remote or rural community, the JFPP is your chance to exclusively mentor the next generation of rural doctors and share with them the professional and lifestyle benefits that go with rural clinical practice. You will be an integral part in promoting a future rural career to medical students.  


As a JFPP Mentor, you will be matched with a medical student from one of the participating universities across Australia. Your JFPP Scholar will undertake a rural placement with you for a total of eight weeks over the three or four years of their tertiary studies.

The JFPP is your chance to pass on your skills, life lessons and knowledge to medical students who are keen to learn and are interested in rural practice. To further a Scholar’s involvement in rural life, Mentors can also be a Host or Community Contact.





Participating JFPP Mentors can earn RACGP QI&CPD points and ACRRM PDP points and will receive an honorarium per placement week.

But the benefits go far beyond that! 


Am I Eligible?

We’re in need of qualified medical practitioners, currently registered with the National and relevant State Medical Boards, working in RA2 to RA5  locations at a general practice, hospital, Aboriginal Medical Service or other medical facility providing primary health care.

Mentors are eligible to also act as a Host and/or Community Contact.

Please view the JFPP Guidelines and JFPP Mentor Handbook for more information.


How to Apply?

If you wish to be a JFPP Mentor, you need to complete the Mentor Registration Form.

Click Apply Now to download the Mentor Registration Form and forward the completed form to the JFPP Team.

Please view the JFPP Guidelines and JFPP Mentor Handbook for more information

If you have any questions, please get in contact with the JFPP Team  or call 1800 231 231.