Making After-Hours Calls to Corporate Traveller

Corporate Traveller’s Business Hours are Monday to Friday 8:00am to 6:00pm. As such, their after-hours include 6:00pm to 8:00am Monday to Friday and weekends.

Each time an after-hours call is made to Corporate Traveller when it is not an emergency, the caller will be invoiced a $44.00 fee per call. To ensure JFPP Scholars are not invoiced for this fee, please take note of the situations below, which are deemed acceptable to call Corporate Traveller after-hours.  

When to Call After Hours

  • If your flight has been delayed or cancelled

  • If you have missed a connecting flight

  • If you require urgent or emergency accommodation, such as:

    • If your flight has been delayed or cancelled

    • An unexpected weather events

    • Extraordinary personal circumstances

    • For safety reasons


When NOT to Call After Hours

  • If the situation is not urgent or an emergency, as per the situations listed above

  • To change your fight when it is not an emergency situation, such as for personal preference

  • If you can’t access online check-in; arrive at the airport earlier to do a manual check-in

Tips to Help You with Travel

  • Download the Corporate Traveller app available for Android and Apple. See the Corporate Traveller Quick Reference Guide for more information.

    • The app syncs with current live bookings.

    • The app will provide reminders for upcoming flights.

    • The app will push notifications when there is a schedule change for your flight.

    • Bus and train bookings will NOT display on the app.

  • Read through your Corporate Traveller itinerary well in advance of any travel and read through it thoroughly.

  • Research travel options to and from your placement location, as you may need to take public transport. This will not be organized by Corporate Traveller or listed on your itinerary.

  • Know where and what your Reference Number is on your Corporate Traveller itinerary (see the document below).

Download Corporate Traveller After-Hours Calls