Cryotherapy, Hiking and Meeting Other JFPP Students

I'm having the most amazing time and have way too many pictures to share!

During my 3-week placement in Devonport, I've not only had the opportunity to interact with patients, give injections and do exams/histories but I've also been fortunate enough to be a tourist in Tassie.

In the clinic, I've been learning how to effectively communicate with patients, as well as enhancing my practical skills through regular blood pressure, temperature checks, respiratory and cardiac exams, injections and cryotherapy.

Meanwhile, in the evenings I've been integrating into the community thanks to my host, who has taken me to her Rotary Club meetings and Christmas dinners. I've met so many wonderful people and had the opportunity to build on the relationship formed during my first visit in June. I've also been a little tourist - doing some of the most beautiful hikes I've ever done including Cradle Mountain and Mount Fields.

The other really wonderful thing was meeting other JFPP students from different universities. We shared stories of our experiences and spent our weekends together hiking or going to the museum. This year I was fortunate to have a host that knew other people that were hosting a JFPP student so we could meet. It's a unique way to making friends.

Thanks for the opportunity to learn so much clinically, but also meet so many new people and genuinely have a good time being a tourist. 

I'm leaving on the 18th December and I'll be sad to leave. But I;m already looking forward to and making plans for when I come back in 2019. 

~ Mirsada Prasko, JFPP Scholar