The JFPP is a significant step on the pathway towards a remote or rural medical career!


The JFPP gives you a firsthand experience of life as a rural doctor and the diversity of rural medical practice. As a JFPP student you will be paired with a doctor and undertake an eight week rural placement over three or four years in the remote or rural community where your mentor practices.

A rural lifestyle is a one of a kind way of life. The JFPP will give you insight into the unique social and cultural aspects of living in Australia’s rural communities. Most JFPP scholars reside with a community host during their placement and provided a community contact. Your community host and contact are your connection to the community; they will give you personal insight into life in the rural community they call home.




You will be mentored by an experienced rural doctor and attain professional achievements that will benefit you throughout your medical career.

If that isn’t enough, you get to travel to picturesque rural towns in Australia and immerse yourself in the lively social and cultural aspects of rural communities.

But the best part of the JFPP is the personal connections you will make while on your placement. The connections made with your mentor, community host and contact and the community on whole will last well after completion of the JFPP.



Am I Eligible

We’re looking for medical students, who are an Australian citizen or permanent resident, from one of the participating universities listed. 

Of course, you must be able to complete the eight weeks of placement over three or four years. Generally, those placements are undertaken in university semester breaks.

If you’re a recipient of another scholarship scheme, we’ll need to check some more details.

Click Check Eligibility to see if you can participate and view the 2018 JFPP Guidelines for more information.

Participating Universities

Australian National University | Bond University | Curtin UniversityDeakin University | Flinders University | Griffith University | James Cook University | Melbourne University | Monash University | Notre Dame Fremantle | Notre Dame Sydney | University of Adelaide | University of New England | University of Newcastle | University of NSW | University of Queensland | University of Sydney | University of Tasmania | University of Western AustraliaUniversity of Western Sydney | University of Wollongong



How to Apply

Applications for the 2018 JFPP are closed. Thank you to all who submitted an application. Keep an eye on social media for announcement dates. 

To participate in the JFPP you are required to submit an application. We know you’re busy, so we give students a 10 day period where you can submit your application at any time over those 10 days. The application period takes place in April.

Please view the 2018 JFPP Guidelines and 2018 Scholar Handbook for more information.

The application process is all online through the Self-Service Portal. If you have any questions, please get in contact with the JFPP Team or 1800 231 231.

We look forward to welcoming the 2018 JFPP Cohort!